Welcome To Madawaska Maine Coons

Five beautiful Kittens have arrived  Born 5/10/2015

Please contact us for further information

Proud parents

Lale - Waldemaine Katz Lale (IMP GMY)  and

Bagheera - Madawaska Prince Bagheera

What Is A Maine Coon?
The Maine Coon originated in the United States, in Maine. It is thought to have arisen from crosses between Angoras brought from the middle East by sailors, English cats brought by the first colonists and short haired American cats. The harsh climate of Maine produced this large, hardy cat that may be considered the first American feline breed. The Maine Coon was first shown in Boston and New York in 1861.
The Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic breeds often called the “Gentle Giant”, they are well balanced, non-aggressive , affectionate and are attached to their owners. They have a quiet voice and are well suited to family life getting on with children and other pets. The Semi-long hair coat is easy to maintain.